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X-Wing RPG Crossover AAR

Last week Metalhead and I had the opportunity to try out some rules that bridged RPG and miniature gaming using Star Wars X-Wing. In doing so we tweaked the Stress rules and expanded the options available to the four PC’s who were crewing a single YT-1300 with a pilot, 2xGunners (top and bottom quad-lasers) and an Engineer. The scenario had them being chased by 8 vanilla TIEs run by the GM and temporary assistant GM (me). Instead of the normal turn order we did the following:

  1. TIE’s Activate (Maneuver from dial and single Action)
  2. YT-1300 Activates (see below)
  3. YT-1300 Shoots (see below)
  4. TIEs Shoot
  5. End Phase
The TIE Swarm advances in V formation.

The TIE Swarm advances in V formation.

The YT had upgraded Shields and Hull (+1 to each), was equipped with a Stealth Device and had 2xHoming Missiles (fired by the pilot). During activation the players did the following:

A) Pilot executes a single maneuver:

  • White Maneuvers (on dial): No additional effect
  • GREEN MANEUVER: -1 Stress Token
  • RED MANEUVER: +1 Stress Token
  • Maneuver NOT on the dial: Make a piloting skill check
    • SUCCESS=Maneuver completed, +1 Stress
    • FAIL=GM Selects Maneuver & +1 Stress Token
    • CRITICAL FAIL: 1 Critical Damage & +1 Stress Counter
  • STRESS: Only white/green maneuvers may be performed (i.e. only on dial)

B) Perform an Action: Pilot could Focus, Evade or Target Lock. The two gunners could make a skill check to receive a Focus token. Critical Failure resulted in no shooting that turn.

TIEs pursue the fleeing YT-1300

TIEs pursue the fleeing YT-1300

During the Combat Phase the two gunners and the pilot (if applicable) could make an attack. Gunners were considered to have Luke Skywalker’s crew ability.

The Imperial pilots close in for the kill.

The Imperial pilots close in for the kill.

Finally, during the End Phase the Engineer could make a skill check to do one of the following:

SUCCESS: perform one of the following:

  • Redirect Power to Shields: Restore a Shield
  • Redirect Power to Engines: Remove 1 Stress Token
  • Repairs: Flip a face-up damage card face-down
  • Countermeasures: Provide Pilot +1 Agility in following turn.
  • Engine Boost: Pilot immediately performs a free Boost Action.
  • Fire Anti-pursuit Lasers (if overlapped)

FAILURE: do nothing.

CRITICAL FAILURE: GM selects one of the following:

  • Engine Glitch: Only Green maneuver may be performed in next turn
  • Weapon Glitch: One quad gun knocked off line for one turn OR missiles disabled for one turn.
  • Computer Glitch: Red Target lock removed
  • System Overload: Gain +1 Stress token
  • Shield Failure: Lose 1 Shield

photo 3The result of the encounter was that the YT-1300 was able to splash 2 TIEs and then was disabled just before it could get off table (i.e. to the hyperspace point), which was technically a PC loss. Here’s what we learned:


  • Allow multiple crew and/or droids to take actions during Activation or in the End Phase (the latter if they didn’t perform one in the former, for example, a Co-pilot could establish a Target Lock while the pilot performed an Evade).
  • Limit the off-dial maneuvers available and/or increase the difficulty.
  • Increase difficulty of End Phase actions.


  • Crew acting independently in their assigned roles
  • Objective driven scenario (not just fight to the death)
  • Beefed up PC ship

Overall the concept really worked. The game played quickly and smoothly and all players were engaged in the action. The build up in the RPG portion preceding the battle really amped up the tension and was framed by some more role playing that further increased the cinematic feel. It also turned out to be a great way of introducing new players to X-Wing.

I greatly look forward to trying this again with some of the tweaks we identified with a large ship or a small squadron of fighters. A few more stabs at it and I think it could easily be applied to the epic ships, too!!

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