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40k BATREP – Dark Angels vs. CSM (Nurgle)

 Game: 1250 pts – Purge the Alien – Dawn of War


Dark Angels

Librarius Conclave Formation (Ezekiel, Libby 1, Libby 2)
– Libby 1 has ML2, FA, PFG
– Libby 2 has ML2, FA, PFG, PG
Sammael on Corvex
5-man tac squad (x1 PG) in rhino w/ Eekiel
5-man tac squad (x1 PG) in rhino w/ Libby1
5-man tac squad (x1 PG) in rhino w/Libby2
Landspeeder w/HB and TML
Landspeeder w/HB and TML
I had the following powers:
Ezekiel – force, mind worm, perfect timing, foreboding, prescience
L1 – force, physic shriek, prescience
L2 – force, physic shriek, prescience

CSM Nurgle

Typhus w/30-Chaos Cultists
30 Chaos Cultists
Hellbrute w/ TLLC
Hellbrute w/ TLLC
7-man CSM in rhino w/ 2 MG and champion
7-man CSM in rhino w/ 2 MG and champion



The “Major” and I were pumped up about this one because we both were talking smack ahead of the big day! We met up at Learn 2 Play in Brandon (they now have tables and 40k terrain). CSM won the dice roll off and decided to deploy first. CSM deployment was pretty standard with one hellbrute, one blob of cultists, and one rhino on each side of their deployment zone. I then deployed my entire army on the right side of the board using the terrain to block line of sight from one of his hellbrutes. I failed to seize initiative but it didn’t matter because night fighting was in effect Turn 1. CSM dice rolling was not pretty at all. The one hellbrute had line-of-sight and hit my rhino with Ezekiel but failed to do any damage. CSM rhinos moved up 12 and then did flat out while the blobs walked and then ran during shooting phase. Bottom of turn 2 saw little movement from me as I moved each rhino 6 inches to be able to fire everything I had at the rhino and blobs. Since one of my physic powers allowed me to ignore cover saves (perfect timing), I shot at his rhino and blew it up with a plasma gun! I also used psychic shriek, the vindicator, and my landspeeders to take out a large portion of one of his blobs. I ignored the hellbrutes altogether since they weren’t a factor in Turn 1. I got first blood and killed off half of the blob.

Top of turn 2 saw the CSM still out of range of most of my army but he did manage to blow up one of my rhinos and kill 2 marines. Again, CSM rolling was not there and/or out of range. Bottom of Turn 2 saw more carnage as I maneuvered out of his projected charge distance but close enough to get within 18-inch range. Again, I ignored his hellbrutes and finished off another rhino using my physic power (prescience) to get “to hit” rerolls, the landspeeders, and the vindicator to kill off 6 of 7 marines that disembarked. The “Major” and I decided to call this one early for the following reasons:

  1. Dice rolling – nothing went his way…saves, to hit rolls, or his charge distance. He did manage to get half his feel-no-pain rolls in, but was not successful closing the distance.
  2. The Librarius conclave was so NASTY! Models in this formation can share each other’s powers as long as they are within 12 inches of each other and you can even nominate one model. That model is successful on generating powers on a 3+ instead of a 4+!
  3. Sammael was in the back chilling the WHOLE time!

All in all, this was the fastest game I think I ever won and I enjoyed running a new list.


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