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Star Wars Echoes of the Sith – Campaign Introduction

HurriconCampaignTitle.v1With the first batch of games having been submitted for approval and inclusion in the Preliminary Event Listing (PEL) for Hurricon 2015 it is a good time to provide more information on how the Echoes of the Sith campaign will function.

How will the campaign be structured?

The campaign will be played out in two “tracks” – one focusing on miniature games and one on roleplaying games. Each game will tell one part of the story from the perspective of the three main factions: Imperials, Rebels (Alliance) and Independents.

Do I have to play every game in the campaign?

Absolutely not! In fact, it will be impossible to do so given that some games will be occurring simultaneously. And you are not restricted to one track or the other, you can mix miniature and RPG’s. Each game will be posted to the standard convention event listing and players can sign up for as many or as few games as they are willing/able, subject to the event ticketing policies for the convention.

Do I have to play both parts of a multi-session game?

Not at all! For the multi-session scenarios the “Part 1” will have a set of sub-objectives that can be accomplished within that session. This is so that players able to participate in only “Part 1” can leave the table with a sense of resolution. The players in “Part 2” will be given a new set of objectives that they must accomplish by picking up where the other players left off (i.e. a “relief in place”).

How will the outcome of the campaign be determined?

There will be two final game sessions, one miniature and one RPG, played Saturday night which will determine the winning faction and their degree of success. With the way these scenarios are being developed the campaign will end with one of four potential outcomes: Rebel total victory, Imperial total victory, Imperial minor victory or Rebel minor victory.

How will games impact other games being played?

The actions players take and/or the level of success they achieve in a game may influence succeeding and possibly even simultaneous games. These will not be unbalancing effects. Instead they will simply replace game mechanics that are normally determined randomly (e.g. winning faction gains initiative in the next game) or provide a simple boon (e.g. a morale re-roll). None of the effects will be cumulative so as to avoid one faction dominating the culmination games by accruing overwhelming advantage.

How will the outcome of the campaign be published?

Players in the campaign will have access to an immediate resolution, likely in the form of a pre-generated handout (i.e. epilogue). We will also be posting the results on The Just Dice League blog, the Lakeland Role Playing Guild forums and both club’s Facebook pages.

How do I keep up to date on the campaign?

Be sure to follow The Just Dice League by subscribing to this blog and following us on Facebook ( as well as The Lakeland Roleplaying Guild at their website ( and Facebook page (

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Star Wars – Echoes of the Sith Campaign


As most people are keenly aware, later this year the Star Wars saga will continue with the first of a new trilogy, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. In an effort to commemorate this historic event The Just Dice League in conjunction with The Lakeland Role Playing Guild is proud and excited to announce that we will be hosting a Star Wars themed campaign September 24th-27th at Hurricon 2015 in Orlando, FL!

This gaming event will be held on Friday and Saturday of the convention, encompass at least FIVE different game systems and include 10+ individual game sessions, all of which will be woven together with a common storyline taking place in our favorite galaxy far, far away and inspired by the convention theme (“End of World War II”). In the following weeks more details will be revealed, so be sure to sign up for the various lines of communication (links below) to receive the latest information. And don’t forget to preregister for the convention so you can reserve a seat in one of the many games we will be offering!

Game well, and may the Force be with you!!

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