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Beating Back the Bosche!– Recap of ACES Campaign for January 8th, 2016


At the 1st Friday Guild meeting for The Lakeland Roleplaying Guild’s we had the second session of our ACES OVER LAKELAND air campaign. Once again the players took to the skies and did a masterful job piloting their planes to complete the first “Mission Arc” (the air campaign’s version of a “Story Arc”).

MISSION: Bombing Run

ENTENTE BRIEFING: “The Germans have been pushing hard in your sector. Send up a patrol to watch for enemy activity on the ground and in the air.”

Primary Objective: Protect friendly ground units from attack.

Secondary Objective: Eliminate enemy aircraft

Survival Checks: Entente pilots that are eliminated and survive (WIA or Safe) are returned to friendly lines.

CENTRAL BRIEFING: “Thanks to the  successful reconnaissance mission yesterday we have been able to identify two Entente command and control points. Screen our Gotha bomber as it navigates to these targets.”

Primary Objective: Eliminate the enemy HQ’s.

Secondary Objective: Eliminate enemy ground and air forces.


Central: 2x Aviatik D.I, 1x Fokker D.VII, 1x Siemens-Schuckert D.III, 1x Gotha Bomber

Entente: 2x Sopwith Camel, 2x Sopwith Snipe along with 2 AA gun emplacements, 2 trenches and 2 AA-MG emplacements.

Survival Checks: Central pilots that are eliminated and survive (WIA or Safe) are captured. Entente pilots are returned to friendly lines.

SUMMARY: At the start of the mission both squadrons were briefed. The Central players were sequestered where they had to assign all planes an avenue of approach and an arrival turn for the Gotha knowing only what their reconnaissance had revealed – the location of the HQ’s. Meanwhile the Entente placed all ground assets and deployed their planes. In the event the Central powers approached with all planes on their right, which immediately caused a scramble. On Turn 4 the Gotha arrived on the far left. In that time the fight got heated and the Central planes were taking a beating in the skies losing two of their star pilots to crash landings, both of which were survived.  At the same time the Gotha was getting chewed up by a persistent 2LT Raymen it successfully damaged one Allied HQ then destroyed another with a direct hit before making an emergency landing in no-man’s land. Adding to the the brutal attacks on the Entente ground forces was Ltn Deutchenshmerch who’s strafing runs caused significant damage to an enemy HQ, trenches and was able to subdue an AA gun emplacement.

As the surviving planes withdrew, low on ammunition and fuel, each had seen success and failure. And with no decisive victory on either side the stalemate in the sector carries on…


  • Ltn. Karl was shot down: POW
  • Ltn Schlepper was shot down: WIA/POW
  • Ltn. Wolfgang was shot down: POW

AWARDS: 2LT Raymen Mentioned in Dispatches

VICTORIES: 2LT Raymen (x3), 2LT Downer, Roger; 2LT Splatt, Ker; 2LT Hartnel, William



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