Lions and Leopards: Take a Role (RPG Preview)

The Lions and Leopards event includes seven, cross-platform games that each offer a complete game experience. Among those seven games are three role playing games for which a preview is below. Be sure to lock in your seat by pre-registering for these games to ensure you are guaranteed the chance to immerse yourself into this exciting setting with two of the best GM’s in Central Florida!!!!


All’s Fair in Business & War

Friday, 2p-6p by LRPG Guild Master Scott

Game System: Pathfinder

Synopsis: “German merchants have learned of English activity near Loudun France and see opportunity for profit at the expense of both combatants. Can commerce and espionage be joined successfully? Subterfuge and adventure in the Hundred Years War!”

Playing in this session you can expect a classic and rewarding RPG experience with a team of pre-generated characters drawn exclusively from the Pathfinder Core Rule Book; a focus on interactive role playing but with some skill use and combat included; good cinematic flow takes precedence of strict rule interpretation. And the paths you choose for your characters will help decide if Loudun burns or will thwart the English just when victory seems assured!!!


Sally of the Saboteurs

Friday 8p-12a by WoLF Gaming Club Alpha Ron

Rules System: Arms Laws – Modified tactical RPG

Synopsis: “The English have laid siege to the town of Loudon. Loyal Bohemian allies of the French launch a daring plan to eliminate the English cannon.”

Playing in this session you will be treated with the opportunity to play in an innovative and fast-paced format. The game will be heavily focused on combat and tactics implemented with full RPG flavor and depth. Characters will take the role  of elite knights as they sally fourth to strike at the heart of the English siege. They will need to use more than just brute strength and prowess to achieve success, it will take skill and cunning. And the one who truly brings glory to his name will have his name sung by the bards for years to come!

Battle of the Catacombs

Sat 9a-12p by WoLF Gaming Club Alpha Ron
Rules System: Arms Laws – Modified tactical RPG
Synopsis: “The English uncover a hidden passage into the catacombs of Loudon. A small English force is sent to scout the catacombs and seek a way to weaken the wall supports.
Once again players will have the opportunity to embark on a tactical RPG, this time from the perspective of the English and in a wholly different venue  – the tight confines of a an underground catacomb. Many will descend into its depths, but who will return to the sunlight above and stand ready to determine the fate of Loudun? Your prowess on the tabletop will decide!!!

Play Games, Earn RENOWN!!!

While players won’t be able to play in every game of the event (some are taking place simultaneously) or may only wish to participate in one of the scenarios we did want to find a way of rewarding loyal men-at-arms by acknowledging players for their loyalty to the crown and recognize truly heroic deeds. To that end each player will be listed by the scribes in the roll call and each game will further reward players with Renown. At the end of the event, Sunday at Hurricon, we will recognize the player(s) who participated in the most games as well as the players that achieved the most renown!!!


NEXT UP: Miniatures Preview!

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