Hurricon ’16 Attendance Guide

Now that you are registered for Hurricon and are signed up for some games it’s time to get geared up to attend.

GENTLE REMINDER – The convention staff is made up entirely of volunteers who have dedicated their time to ensure you have a great time at the show. They understand you’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort to support the convention and will go above and beyond to resolve any issues, problems or concerns you may have. Also keep in mind that they are not part of the hotel staff and will not have the ability to address any concerns related to your room or any of the amenities, those issues should be brought to the attention of the resort staff.


Hotel Check-in

If you are staying on-site visit the front desk to get checked into your room. And, if you used the Group Code to register you should NOT be charged a resort fee. Check your bill to ensure that charge has been waived and, if not, bring it to the attention of your check-in agent.

Convention Registration

Whether you are pre-registered or need to get registered on site you will need to stop by the registration desk to get your registration packet and badge. If you pre-registered for games then you should have a ticket for each game included in your packet.

PRO TIP: While the volunteers do their very best to make sure that all attendees receive the tickets for the games to which they pre-registered mistakes can be made. For this reason they will post PEL updates that list the names of all pre-registered players at regular intervals. Be sure to check the next PEL update after you pre-register for game(s) to confirm that your name was added to the list and notify the convention director BEFORE arriving at Hurricon if your name is missing ( It’s also a good idea to bring a hard or digital copy of the PEL listing your name as pre-registered for your game(s) as well as a copy of your PayPal receipt showing your pre-registration (if applicable)



Reserving Games
Each game session is a four hour blocks with breaks between for reset/food/resupply. Players are required to have a ticket for an available seat in the game. Your registration packet will include a special edition of “The Rebel Yell” that will include a listing of all games available including their description, rules system, number of seats, experience level and location. One hour prior to each game session the registration desk will open up for players to draw game tickets. It’s a good idea to have a few games in mind in the event that your first pick fills up before you have the opportunity to draw a ticket.

Attending Games

It is generally good practice to check in with the Game Master ten minutes prior to the start of the game session. Your registration packet will contain a map of the convention space to guide you to your room and table. If you are still unsure where to go just check with the registration desk or ask one of the other GM’s, they generally are veteran convention goers. While there is no hard and fast rule, GM’s will generally wait 10-15 minutes into the session before opening up “no shows” to stand-bys. So, if you didn’t get into the game you wanted you can sometimes work your way in by hanging out near a table and letting the GM know that you are interested in participating.

Lions and Leopards

For the L&L event we will be posting updates and information to the “community board” that will be place in the vicinity of registration. You can check in there for what games will be included in the event, who has become a Knight of Renown and other announcements concerning the fate of Loudun.

The Flea Market

One of the highlights of the conventions is the flea market held on Friday evening. It’s where regular gamers have the opportunity to sell of some excess gamer gear (making room for more, of course) and is a great chance to find some bargains. People queue up for this event fairly early, so it shouldn’t be hard to find based on the long line of eager gamers chomping at the bit to get their hands on the loot!!!

Getting Help

All of the convention staff will be wearing yellow or blue polo shirts with the HMG-S logo. Any of them should be able to answer your questions or direct you to someone who can!

General Convention Advice

If you’ve never attended a convention before the following are some general advice, tips and tricks:

  • Get rest. The temptation will be to do it all every session, but that can work against you having a good game experience as well as those around you enjoying your company. Don’t end up mentioned in a tweet with #CrankyGamer!
  • Get comfortable. While gaming is typically a sitting activity there will be lots of walking and standing involved, so have comfortable shoes. Also, convention spaces can be much cooler than the outside temperature, so consider a light jacket if you are more of a “summer person”.
  • Get food. Take the time to fuel your engine. The resort has several on-site food stops and the immediate vicinity has a number of restaurants from which to choose. Don’t make every meal an exercise in gluttony, either. Work in some veggies and make your mommy proud!
  • Keep Clean, Keep Healthy. People will attend the convention from all over the world and they will bring their germs with them, so wash your hands and practice good hygiene. Plus, staying fresh is courteous to other gamers who will be packed into tight spaces with you!
  • Ask Questions. If you are unsure about something ask. Despite stereotypes to the contrary gamers can be quite sociable and are always eager to share information on their games, models, etc….
  • Look, Ask, Touch. A tremendous amount of time, energy, money and work has been invested in the games presented. While most GM’s are not remiss to people handling the models it is “best practice” to first ask to make sure that it is okay to handle a game piece. This might not come down to concerns about damage as much as the game being played. Models generally indicate a location on the battlefield and a sudden “redeployment” can have a significant impact on the outcome of a scenario!!!
  • Keep Your Head in the Game. If you are participating in a game make sure to give the GM and your fellow players your attention. Expect lulls in the action, but try to use that time to learn something about the rules or prepare for your next turn. If you are an observer do your best not to distract the game’s participants. As above, it’s more than okay to ask questions, just keep in mind that you may have to wait a few moments for an answer or maybe ask them of the guy experiencing a lull!
  • Get Confused. No reasonable GM expects all the players to pick up the rules right away. While your mistakes may be met with friendly ribbing they are completely expected and more than acceptable. When you find yourself getting frustrated just let the GM and/or a fellow gamer know so they can help you out. Most games have 1 or 2 participants who are as familiar (or more) with the rules than the GM, so it is really a cooperative effort. And always remember: the GM wants you to enjoy the game as much as you want to enjoy the game, if not MORE!
  • Lose Spectacularly! Everybody wants to be the Big Winner, but in every contest there are two sides of the victory coin. There is nothing more disappointing than someone losing interest in a game when they find themselves on the brink of disaster. So, if you find yourself grinding towards defeat, EMBRACE the situation!! Put yourself in the shoes of the person/people in your command and then take action!! Fight a retreat to the bitter end, make a desperate attack or refuse to give up another yard to the enemy unless it is drenched in their blood! Not only will you give a good show for your opponent, you might just find it is YOU who your fellow players applaud at the end of the session!!!
And that’s what you need to know for when you’re on the ground at Hurricon ’16. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or at our Facebook Page. Oh, and one more key rule for the convention:

Game Well. Game VERY Well!!!!

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