Lions & Leopards: Crossing Over

The feature that ties the games of the Lions & Leopards together and makes it a cohesive event what we call the “crossover effect”. These are effects on a game that were determined by a preceding game. For example, the success of one side in a game could replace a normally randomized mechanic in another game, such as determining initiative. The intent behind this is twofold. Primarily, we want to tell a story. Or, more accurately, give the PLAYERS the opportunity to tell a story. Secondly, it gives the players a sense that they aren’t in a vacuum, that their game play has rewards or consequences. And knowing there that the GM in the next game just might regale the participants with the story of “Sir Kasey and his band of Scottish mercenaries” during the introduction is an incentive for players put themselves in the armor of the troops under their command and play as though their choices will outlast the last dice roll – because they will!!!


A Tale of Two Claires

One of the most important crossover effects is the survival of several, key characters. If players can help them navigate the trials and tribulations set forth by the scenarios then they will be present for the final, climactic battle for Loudun. No character personifies this more than Lady Claire, the daughter of the Viscount de Loudun. The role she will take in the last stand will be determined by the other games in the event and she will be represented by one of two models. Who will she become?

You will choose.


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