Lions and Leopards: A Story Told


The “town board” kept players up to date throughout the weekend on the schedule, proclamations and where they stood in the race for the most Renown!

This past weekend at Hurricon 2016 we finally got to run our Lions and Leopards event and the results were FANTASTIC!!!  Here are some quick statistics:

  • Started 1 year ago
  • 350+ 28mm miniatures painted
  • Over 50 Characters
  • 8 games (3 RPG, 5 Miniature)
  •  5 Game systems
    •  Pathfinder
    •  Song of Blades and Heroes
    •  Arms Law
    •  Lion Rampant
    •  Pig Wars
  • 23 Players
  • 37 Renown earned

We kicked off the first game Friday morning and the players ran with the story. The following is an account of the Battle for Loudun and the struggle between Lion and Leopard!!

The Story So Far

Building up to the event we published a post preparing players for the story. You can read that here before continuing with the story.


As Huntington tightens the noose around Loudun he knows from experience that it is crucial he secure as many resources as possible and deny the same to the enemy. His men spread like a scourge through the surrounding area for food, lumber, oil and sundry other items that are needed for the daily grind of warfare.

Geese for a Feather

Scenario: An English force lead by Lord Victor’s nephew, Sir Thomas Hewitt, is on a foraging expedition giving the baron’s soon to be subjects the opportunity to contribute to his war effort. Moving towards Loudun is a French relief force commanded by the son of a nobleman hoping to win glory and the hand of Lady Claire, to whom Viscount Dufour has promised marriage for the one who becomes the savior of Loudun.


The English take up a defense position, anchoring their position in some woods.

System: Lion Rampant

The English
Sir Thomas Hewitt, Lord Huntington’s nephew
Sir Damien Homes
Sir Isaac Cunningham
Sir Gerwyn Corfield, Welsh knight

The French
Sir Henri Batteux, son of Viscount Batteux
Sir Remi LaRue, French knight
Sir Václav Nový, Bohemian knight
Sir Cathal MacCearraich, Scottish Knight


The French forces advance on the farm, driving the English before them!

Result: The French drive off the English foragers with success on the left flank and center. They are held on the right, where a brave knight nearly falls! The English are forced to withdraw. Though they do so in good order, it is a humiliated Sir Thomas who reports to his uncle that much of the supplies were lost.

  • Sir Remi LeRue is wounded in the fighting.
  • Sir Gerwyn Corfield is captured by Václav Nový
  • Sir Cathal MacCearraich shows great prowess, earning the most Glory

Crossover Effect: French start with Initiative in the “Into the Breach” scenario.

Act I

As the siege wears on Lord Huntington finds his resources draining and creditors beginning to hound him for payment. He’s invested much of his energy in new warfare technology as well as unearthing the secrets of the past, knowing that an assault is inevitable. As he makes his final preparations before unleashing the fury of his war machines he has not given up hope that there are still secrets that will ensure victory…


Returning to the English encampment are wagons of supplies secured from peasants who were given the opportunity to support the war effort.

Who’s Side Are You On Anyway?

Scenario: With supplies running low Lord Huntington sends foraging parties even further out on the French countryside. Not wishing to once again tarnish his reputation Sir Thomas is especially vigilant with security for his convoy of supplies!

System: Song of Blades and Heroes

The English
Sir Thomas Hewitt, Lord Huntington’s nephew
Sir Damien Homes
Sir Isaac Cunningham
Corman “Bull” Black

The French
Sir Henri Batteux, son of Viscount Batteux
Sir Jacque LeFong
Sir Václav Nový, Bohemian knight
Cathat MacMuerdur


The English caravan is under attack with the brave Knights under Sir Thomas fighting to defend the precious cargo.

Result: The English defend the caravan from the French attack. Lord Victor’s nephew, Sir Thomas, redeems himself for his earlier defeat, once again earning his uncle’s confidence.

  • Sir Henri Batteux was wounded
  • Sir Jacque LeFong was captured

Crossover Effect: English retain control of critical supplies.

All’s Fair in Business and War

Seeing a great deal of profit to be made an influential merchant heads to the English camp to sell secrets of a little known Guild while also hoping to gain something of equal, if not greater, value – information!

System: Pathfinder RPG

The German Merchants
Myllarel Gilwynnn
Gathil Orilee
Anso Frei
Othmar Schmidt
Gerhardt Bertram

Result: Deciding to forgo a direct route to the English camp the merchants are able to sneak into the town of Loudun where they meet with the knight Sir Ottokar and his Bohemians. Through an accident with the experimental alchemy in the baggage train the knight becomes aware of the merchant’s good and pays a handsome sum to procure several of the items. Upon exiting the town they are stopped by English guards, but are able to talk their way back onto the road and different markets.

Crossover Effect: The French are able to use their new weapons to stop a battering ram before the “Into the Breach” game as well as render a siege tower unusable in the final scenario, “Lion or Leopard?”

Sally of the Saboteurs

Scenario: From atop the walls Sir Ottokar watched as the English brought to bear their bombards. His experience from Crecy assures him that their physical effect would be minimal, but it is their effect on morale that he truly fears, knowing the spectacular display of firepower could break the defender’s will long before it cracks the walls. With that in mind he gathers his most trusted warriors and sets forth into the night….


System: Arm’s Law (Tactical RPG)

The Bohemians
Sir Ottokar
Ludvik of Kundstat
Sir Albert Mauk
Matthias of Plzen
Sir Sobeslav


The English put up a stiff resistance, but are no match for the elite Bohemian warriors!

Result: Using the long forgotten catacombs under the town of Loudun, the Bohemian knights are well behind the English lines when they emerge from a mausoleum in an old  cemetery, which had fallen into disrepair. Fighting through English sentries, guard dogs and the difficulties of night operations, the saboteurs were able to successfully disable all the English bombards. In the fighting Matthias is severely wounded, but all the attackers return to safety.

Crossover Effect: Critically, Sir Ottokar is present to help defend the Keep in the final assault.


Interlude: Into the Catacombs

Curious as to how the bombards could have been attacked, Samuel Huntington, youngest son of Lord Victor, tracks the saboteurs back to the old mausoleum where he finds a secret entrance to the labyrinthine maze of catacombs that stretches towards Loudun. Enlisting the aide of one of the artillerists and his now available materials, the young lord engages in a bold plan to collapse the walls of the town in a most unconventional manner. Afterwards, as he explored further, he found that the foundation of the Keep itself had been disturbed exposing a passageway sealed long ago.


Into the Breach

Scenario: Out of time and money Baron Huntington launches an all out assault on the town. In the coup de main he has his three sons, whom he has promised the hand of Lady Claire to the one who earns the most glory in the battles ahead. Locked up in his keep and unable to find Sir Otokar, Viscount Dufour turns command over to his trusted knight, Hughes Gilbert and orders him to delay the attack until supplies can be moved into the Keep.


The English siege towers closed on the fortified town of Loudun.

System: Lion Rampant

The English
Sir Victor Huntington (Commanding)
Sir Timothy Huntington
Sir Quincy Huntington
Sir Kolby Huntington

The French
Sir Hughes Gilbert (Commanding)
Sir Fabien Bacque
Sir Magnus Schöner , German Mercenary
Sir John Thomas Douglas, Scottish Mercenary

Photo Sep 24, 1 05 53 PM (1).jpg

Sir Fabien leads the French forces in an orderly withdraw to the Keep.

Result: The English assault stalls despite a brave stand in the breach by Timothy Huntington and a successful attack by Sir Kolby’s troops. Sir Fabien, the French knight bachelor, takes command of the French and executes an orderly withdraw.

  • Sir Quincy is killed in a Challenge with Sir John Thomas
  • Sir Kolby is captured in a Challenge with Sir Magnus
  • Sir Hughes is captured in a Challenge with Timothy Huntington

Crossover Effect: Sir Kolby and Sir Quincy are not part of the final assault.

Act 2

The town of Loudun has fallen!!! As night falls the English pour into the town and the walls and towers of the inner castle and dunjon are manned. From high above his home Visount Dufour stares out at the flames. Out of his sight Baron Huntington gathers reports from his sub-commanders and begins preparations to enact the final phase of his plans.

Sacking of Loudun

Scenario: As the town wall falls fighting becomes street to street, house to house with little to no control from either side. Pockets of French resistance push back. In the darkness the chaos increases tenfold. A few brave French troops sally forth to lend what aid they can, but the night now belongs to those who are drunk on pillage and seek advantage, hoping their sins will be hidden in the shadows..


Loudun holds its breath as the pillagers storm the wall.

System: Pig Wars

The English
Reginald Frothingslosh
John Wentworth
Marmaduke Constable
Sir John de Stafford
Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh

The French
Sir Fabien Bacque
Sir Abélard Bouhier
Sir John Thomas Douglas

Photo Sep 24, 4 52 36 PM.jpg

Loudun burns as the remnant survivors flee into the wilderness or crawl back into the Keep.

Result: The French knights rallied the peasants to no avail, leading them to slaughter and are rendered helpless as Loudun is being turned to ashes. In the struggle Sir Fabien is severely wounded and his troops bring him back to the Keep and a heartbroken Claire.

  • Sir John Thomas Douglas is killed
  • Sir Fabien Bacque is severely wounded

Crossover Effect: Lady Claire takes direct command of Fabien’s troops

Lion or Leopard?

Scenario: After days of punishing the walls with his remaining war machines Huntington has managed to achieve cracks verging on collapse. But, he knows from experience it is not enough. Sending his men through that narrow of a passage would lead them to slaughter. But time is running out as rumors of a French relief force have been confirmed. Thus he turns to an age old tactic, treachery, and petitions the German mercenaries to change allegiance. They accept and, in the early morning hours, the gates of Loudun are cast open…


The stage is set for the final assault on the Chateu de Loudun!

The French
Viscount Dufour
Claire Dufour
Selton Douglas
Sir Ottokar

The English
Lord Victor Huntington
Sir Timothy Huntington
Samuel Huntington
Sir John de Stafford


Lady Claire rallies her troops for an attempt to retake the gatehouse.

Result: A bravely fought battle ends with Samuel Huntington charging from the Keep in an attempt to break through. Timothy pushes into the Baily only to find himself alone in the fight as his father, Lord Victor, has fallen at the breach and the brave Sir John de Stafford is barely able to hold his own against a combined thrust by Sir Selton Douglas and Sir Ottokar. Leady by Lady Claire the French troops retake the gatehouse, closing off any hope of escape for the English now trapped in the bailey. With Viscount Dufour leading an overwhelming force to retake the Keep Samuel Huntington makes a last, desperate attempt to break free and charges into the fight only to be subdued shortly thereafter.

  • Lord Victor Huntington is Killed by Bohemian knights
  • Timothy Huntington is severely wounded
  • Simon Huntington is subdued and taken captive

Samuel Huntington is taken captive after a futile, yet courageous charge.


An End to Ambition

Samuel stared out the arrow slit to the dismal scene below. Shortly after breaking into the dungeon, having crawled through unspeakable filth, he found the Keep deserted. He ordered his men to bar the doors and soon heard the slamming of axes against wood echoing off the cold stone. He had executed his part of the plan flawlessly and for the briefest moment was sure he would finally earn a place of honor next to his older brothers. Now he watched the assault on Loudun in its death throes. He couldn’t see his father amongst the chaos engulfing the rubble clogging the Northwest corner of the wall, but he could see his brother, Timothy, bravely fighting against several opponents. He knew that even his prowess could not withstand such punishment for much longer. Thus, with the hopes of takign the citadel receding he resolved himself. Lowering his visor he lead his knights to the main door to the Keep. Hefting his sword and holding high his shield so that all could see the Huntington crest he nodded his head to Sir Roger, his trusted guard. The knight grimly nodded back, removed the cross brace and swung the door open to reveal a bailey awash in screams, blood and flame. With a roar the young lord, bereft of his spurs if not courage, charged into the stunned French troops who dropped their improvised ram and scrambled to defend themselves. Samuel cut one down in an instant and locked blades with another before a severe blow drove him to his knees. His vision swirled as he attempted to stand only to be pummeled with strikes from every direction. His last thought before he blacked out was simply “I hope father is proud”.



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2 responses to “Lions and Leopards: A Story Told

  1. I have attended many game conventions including GenCon at least 8 times. This was absolutely the most incredibly fun I have ever had at one. Although we were competing for renown it was not a tournament setting which I found extremely refreshing. Just awesome!! Thanks to everyone who made it such a joy.


    • So glad you enjoyed it, Stan!!! Your game looked great and was a real boon to the event. And you are, by far, one of my favorite gamers to have at my table, too. Looking forward to rolling more dice with ya Snake Eyes!!!


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