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Lions & Leopards: PROLOGUE – AUG 12th with The Lakeland Role Playing Guild


The Arrière-ban is Proclaimed!

We just can’t wait to kick off Lions & Leopards and in just over two weeks at The Lakeland Role Playing Guid’s  August 12th game night we go to war!!! We will be presenting an exclusive preview which will introduce the setting through the story’s Prologue. Each game in the series is linked and the Prologue is no different. The game’s result will have an impact on the scenarios that will be played out at Hurricon 2016, so determining the fate of Loudun begins in just over two weeks!!

Ready to head the call to war? You can sign up through the LRPG forums or via the Facebook Page Event.

Scenario Description:The siege of Loudun is under way. Lord Huntington has ordered that the countryside be aggressively foraged to give his forces the supplies they will need in the weeks to come. Paramount among the list of needed resources are geese, which the fletchers have indicated will be needed to keep the longbows supplied in the event of an assault. Meanwhile Lord Dufour, viscount of Loudun, has called for aide from his countrymen. The promise that the one who can break the grip of the English horde will have Claire Dufour’s hand in marriage has drawn the attention of an ambitious nobleman who has put together a sizable force. Using back country trails they have come upon a small farm where they decide to rest and refresh themselves and as the sun crosses its zenith they quickly find that the English have taken an interest in the very farm on which they stand. Rule set is Lion Rampant (modified), he can take up to 8 players (2 of which will assume overall command of a faction).”


Play Games, Earn RENOWN!!!

While players won’t be able to play in every game of the event (some are taking place simultaneously) or may only wish to participate in one of the scenarios we did want to find a way of rewarding loyal men-at-arms by acknowledging players for their loyalty to the crown and recognize truly heroic deeds. To that end each player will be listed by the scribes in the roll call and each game will further reward players with Renown. At the end of the event, Sunday at Hurricon, we will recognize the player(s) who participated in the most games as well as the players that achieved the most renown!!!


Hurricon 2016 will be held September 22nd-25th. If you’ve never been to the convention check out our Hurricon Registration Guide and be sure to visit their website and Facebook page for more information.

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Lions & Leopards – Coming to Hurricon 2016


Lions and Leopards is a medieval gaming event that will be held at Hurricon 2016, September 22nd-25th.  It will include a variety of games played using a number of platforms (RPG, miniatures, etc…) that share a common, over-arching story line set during the Hundred Years War. Each game will help the story unfold by adding to the setting, expanding upon a sub-plot or directly affecting the story’s course. As the event progresses the actions of the players will determine the fate of the main characters and, ultimately, which faction will emerge victorious.

More information will be revealed in the coming months. To receive updates signup up to this blog and follow The Just Dice League on Facebook and Twitter.

You may be wondering….

Do I have to participate in the entire event?

Absolutely not! Each game in the series will be a stand on its own and provide the participants a complete gaming experience. The results of the game will be consolidated into the overall story in much the same way as a “choose your own adventure” style book works. On Sunday of the convention we will be hosting a presentation to give players a look at the story in it’s entirety as well as a peek behind the scenes.

What is Hurricon?

Hurricon is a convention hosted by the Historical Miniature Gaming Society’s South Chapter (HMGS-S) and features some of the best gaming in Central Florida. While the show is grounded in historical miniatures gaming there are games across every genre and format.

How do I sign up for the event?

Game registration will be done via the convention staff. They usually open up general registration 1-2 months after their Spring convention, Recon (APR 28- MAY1) and will post a Preliminary Event Listing (PEL) after GM’s begin submitting their games. To receive updates follow the HMGS-S Facebook page and/or join the HMGS-S Yahoo! Group.

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Wings of Glory WWI Giants of the Sky Review/Unboxing (Handley Page O/400, Zeppelin Staaken R.VI)

The long awaited review/unboxing of the “Giants of the Sky” planes for Wings of Glory WWI. This video features the Kickstarter edition of the Handley Page O/400 and Zeppelin Staaken R.VI, both of which will have retail versions available for general purchase. It includes a comparison to existing planes in the WWI line as well as a comparison of the previously released gaming mats and those included in the expansion packs.


Wings of Glory is Copyright© and Trademark™ Ares Games SRL.

Official Site

Products Page

Aces Over Lakeland

Is WWI campaign setting jointly run with the Lakeland Roleplaying Guild.

The Just Dice League can be reached at the following locations:



Twitter: @JustDiceLeague



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Beating Back the Bosche!– Recap of ACES Campaign for January 8th, 2016


At the 1st Friday Guild meeting for The Lakeland Roleplaying Guild’s we had the second session of our ACES OVER LAKELAND air campaign. Once again the players took to the skies and did a masterful job piloting their planes to complete the first “Mission Arc” (the air campaign’s version of a “Story Arc”).

MISSION: Bombing Run

ENTENTE BRIEFING: “The Germans have been pushing hard in your sector. Send up a patrol to watch for enemy activity on the ground and in the air.”

Primary Objective: Protect friendly ground units from attack.

Secondary Objective: Eliminate enemy aircraft

Survival Checks: Entente pilots that are eliminated and survive (WIA or Safe) are returned to friendly lines.

CENTRAL BRIEFING: “Thanks to the  successful reconnaissance mission yesterday we have been able to identify two Entente command and control points. Screen our Gotha bomber as it navigates to these targets.”

Primary Objective: Eliminate the enemy HQ’s.

Secondary Objective: Eliminate enemy ground and air forces.


Central: 2x Aviatik D.I, 1x Fokker D.VII, 1x Siemens-Schuckert D.III, 1x Gotha Bomber

Entente: 2x Sopwith Camel, 2x Sopwith Snipe along with 2 AA gun emplacements, 2 trenches and 2 AA-MG emplacements.

Survival Checks: Central pilots that are eliminated and survive (WIA or Safe) are captured. Entente pilots are returned to friendly lines.

SUMMARY: At the start of the mission both squadrons were briefed. The Central players were sequestered where they had to assign all planes an avenue of approach and an arrival turn for the Gotha knowing only what their reconnaissance had revealed – the location of the HQ’s. Meanwhile the Entente placed all ground assets and deployed their planes. In the event the Central powers approached with all planes on their right, which immediately caused a scramble. On Turn 4 the Gotha arrived on the far left. In that time the fight got heated and the Central planes were taking a beating in the skies losing two of their star pilots to crash landings, both of which were survived.  At the same time the Gotha was getting chewed up by a persistent 2LT Raymen it successfully damaged one Allied HQ then destroyed another with a direct hit before making an emergency landing in no-man’s land. Adding to the the brutal attacks on the Entente ground forces was Ltn Deutchenshmerch who’s strafing runs caused significant damage to an enemy HQ, trenches and was able to subdue an AA gun emplacement.

As the surviving planes withdrew, low on ammunition and fuel, each had seen success and failure. And with no decisive victory on either side the stalemate in the sector carries on…


  • Ltn. Karl was shot down: POW
  • Ltn Schlepper was shot down: WIA/POW
  • Ltn. Wolfgang was shot down: POW

AWARDS: 2LT Raymen Mentioned in Dispatches

VICTORIES: 2LT Raymen (x3), 2LT Downer, Roger; 2LT Splatt, Ker; 2LT Hartnel, William



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“Fokker Scourge” Continues! – Recap of ACES Campaign for October 9th, 2015

20151009-Session1-RecapLast Friday at The Lakeland Roleplaying Guild’s game night we had the first full session of our ACES OVER LAKELAND campaign. It went extremely well and my thanks go out to all the players who participated. The “Mission Arc” (the air campaign’s version of a “Story Arc”) saw the two squadrons participate in their first two missions.

MISSION A: Patrol No Man’s Land

BRIEFING: “Welcome to the front, volunteers! In order get you familiar with the area of operations we have assigned you to a quiet part of the line. Today you will fly your first mission, a patrol of no man’s land. If you happen upon enemy aircraft you are clear to engage. Good luck, we’ll see you when you get back.”

Primary Objective: Eliminate enemy aircraft.

Secondary Objective: 1/2 of the squadron must survive.

Survival Checks: Downed pilots in No Man’s Land that survive (WIA or Safe) return to friendly lines and must convalesce if applicable.


Central: 2x Aviatik D.I, 2x Fokker Dr.I

Entente: 2x Sopwith Camel, 2x Sopwith Triplane

SUMMARY: All players did a fantastic job tackling the Standard+ rules, which included Special Damage and Altitude. As a campaign rule we pulled the explosion cards (a.k.a. “silver bullet”) to eliminate the possibility of a random pilot dying each mission, we wanted to leave their fate up to the Survival Roll instead. Over the course of the game we had several collisions and the damage was spread around quite a bit (had to reshuffle the A damage deck). And after incurring that much damage several pilots decided discretion was the better part of valor and withdrew to friendly lines.


AWARDS: “Lucky” Mentioned in Dispatches, “404” Wound Stripe

VICTORIES: Heinz Schlepper, Karl and Sergeant Schultz

MISSION B: Reconnaissance


ATTACKER:Congratulations on fighting back the enemy patrol, but there is no time to rest on our laurels. The unexpected presence of aircraft can only mean that something is brewing over on the enemy’s side of the lines. Take your squadron and find out what’s going on.

Primary Objective: Photograph all objectives, reconnaissance planes must survive

DEFENDER: “Our loss to the enemy patrol was most unfortunate, but there is no time to waste. The enemy will attempt to capitalize on their success. Take your squadron and protect the front lines. Some anti-air batteries have been dispatched to hlep you in your mission, coordinate with Colonel Shaker for their placement.

Primary Objective: Eliminate enemy aircraft.

Survival Checks: Downed pilots in No Man’s Land that survive (WIA or Safe) return to friendly lines and must convelesce if applicable. Attacking pilots downed in the Allied Control Area that survive (WIA or Safe) are MIA.


Central: 2x UFAG C.1 (Obervers), 2x Fokker Dr.I

Entente: 2x Sopwith Camel, 2x Sopwith Triplane

SUMMARY: Prior to deployment the Entente placed six objectives: 1x Trench, 1x Command Post, 1x AA Gun, 1x MG and 2x Open Fields each concealed as objectives A-F. As the game commenced objectives were replaced with their respective game cards when the Central Powers photographed the location OR the Entente fired one of the weapons. The mission went very well for the Germans and they were able to photograph all objectives and exit the battlefield safely. A couple unlucky draws by the Entente players saw two planes erupt in flames within a couple phases of each other, dramatically reducing their combat effectiveness. Emerging as a dominating force in the skies was “Capital” Sergeant “The Berserker” Schultz who scored two more victories and is the closest to achieving the coveted “ACE” award.

CASUALTIES: Jon Strange KIA, Gordon KIA

AWARDS: German Army Observer’s Badge (Karl and Schlepper)

VICTORIES: Heinz Schlepper, Sergeant Schultz x2 and Ernst S. Blomfeld


As a GM this game session was an absolute blast. All players stayed engaged in the action and, most importantly, embraced the idea of continuity from mission to mission by withdrawing when necessary and staying focused on the mission. I’m excited to see what happens in the next installment, which should be happening just after the 1st of the year.

Game Well!

Mr. Cupcake

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ACES OVER LAKELAND – Taking Flight September 2015


I’m pleased to officially announce that we will be working with The Lakeland Role Playing Guild to develop and run a World War I themed, cross-platform campaign that will launch later this year in September! This is exciting for me as my roots in miniature gaming are in the historical genre, something I feel I’ve drifted from in recent years. At the core of the campaign will be a Savage World’s RPG conducted by JDL Member and LRPG Guildmaster Metalhead and an air campaign game mastered by JDL Triumvir Mr Cupcake. The rest of this post provides some additional information on the latter, which will use Wings of Glory WWI by Ares Games and eventually include new products from their recent Kickstarter campaign – Giants of the Sky!

What is Wings of Glory (WoG)?

WoG is a, fast, fun and easy to learn miniatures game of aerial combat. In the game each player controls 1 or more planes. Each turn three maneuvers are planned secretly for each plane and then executed simultaneously in a series of phases that include movement and combat. When a plane is reduced to 0 damage resistance it is eliminated.

Learn more about the game at their Official Site: Wings of Glory WWI.

Do I need to own the game to participate in the campaign?

Not at all! All materials will be provided each session. If you already own the game or decide at some point to invest and wish to use your own airplanes simply notify the GM and he will do his best to incorporate your models.

Where will the games be played?

The bulk of the games will be played at The Lakeland Role Playing Guild‘s bi-monthly Guild Nights. They feature campaigns in rotation, so keep in eye on the LRPG Facebook, Twitter or forums so you know when the campaign will be featured.

The campaign will also make appearances at conventions, most notably those hosted by The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society – South in Orlando, FL, which are typically held at the end of April (Recon) and September (Hurricon).

And breakout/periphery games may even be played at FLGS’s.

How will the Air Campaign be structured?

The campaign will be a GM controlled series of story-driven, linked missions executed with competing players flying as either the Central Powers or Allies (Entente). Missions will include meeting engagements (i.e. standard dogfights), bombing/strafing runs, bomber escort/interdiction, reconnaissance, etc…. The outcome will determine the next mission assignment the squadrons are given by the GM.

Also, the game rules will evolve with the players. This is made possible because the WoG rules are broken down into Basic, Standard, Advanced and Optional rules. By slowly incorporating the optional/advanced rules it will allow players to learn the game progressively while ensuring that sessions will be fresh and exciting for the participants.

Will their be any continuity with the pilots?

Each faction, Allied and Central, will have a squadron roster. When embarking on a mission players will be assigned a plane by the squadron commander and then select one of their pilots to man the aircraft. At the end of the mission the pilots’ statistics and status will be updated in their service record (e.g. any victories achieved, decorations, awards, if they were WIA, etc…). Some accomplishments (e.g. being promoted) will even earn the pilot additional skills/traits.

What if my pilot is KIA?

When a pilot is KIA they are moved to the Roll of Honor (which will likely be featured on this website). From the players perspective, if they have no pilots left on the roster at the start of a mission, they simply generate a new pilot. In this way players are not controlling a single pilot, but rather a series of pilots that they are trying to keep alive as they try and rise to glory. It is likely that players will go through many pilots over the course of the campaign, which is reflective of the high casualty rates seen amongst pilots during WWI, thus adding to the historical feel of the campaign.

Am I stuck with Allied or Central for the entire campaign?

No. Players may have several pilots on either roster and, from game session to game session, can play on either side. They may even manage several pilots at one time and a layer to the strategy will be selecting the right pilot for the current mission. For example, one of their pilots may have been granted a bonus in bombing accuracy and would fair better in bombing missions.

Do I have to participate in every game session?

Absolutely not! While the missions will be linked, there will be clearly defined objectives that can be accomplished in a single game session. In this way even the most transient of players can have a complete and satisfying game experience. At the same time, the “lifers” will be rewarded by seeing how their missions affect the next session and even how they influence and are influenced by parallel games played on in other miniatures systems, board games, RPG’s, etc….

Also, at any level of participation, you will be eligible for Player Awards!

Wait, I get rewards for playing?

Yes! These will come in a variety of forms (e.g. patches, pins, stickers, etc…) and will be distributed periodically by the GM’s for noteworthy performance, special occasions, excessively good/bad luck, etc….

No matter what, though, each player who participates in 3+ game sessions of any platform (i.e. any mix of miniature, board, RPG, etc…) earns the right to wear the Aces Over Lakeland Campaign Patch. Certain accomplishments will even allow players to add devices to the patch. For example, having a pilot become an Ace.

ACES Patch Concept

Aces Over Lakeland Campaign Patch (Concept)

How will the parallel games impact the campaign?

There are a variety of ways in which the GM’s will overlap the various campaign threads. For example, if a pilot crashes behind enemy lines during a WoG mission the GM’s may decide to run a RPG in the next scheduled session to determine the pilot’s fate. This could be a rescue attempt, a group of locals aiding their return to friendly lines or a squad of soldiers hunting the unfortunate airman. Depending on the outcome of that game the pilot could be returned to duty, continue to be listed as MIA or WORSE!!!

…or maybe a successful bombing mission has opened the door for a an offensive that is played out with The Great War board game…

…or maybe a RPG session is played where spies identify a high value target that their faction’s squadron has to then bomb in a Wog game…

…the possibilities are endless, but the overall goal is for players’ actions to have an impact on the story and maybe even rewrite history along the way!

I’ve heard enough! How do I enlist?

It’s easy!

STEP 1 – Sign up as a Member of the League here at our website and follow us on Twitter to ensure that you receive updates from The JDL.

STEP 2 – Follow The Lakeland Role Playing Guild on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on which Guild Nights will feature the ACES campaign.

STEP 3 – Check out The Lakeland Role Playing Guild website to learn more about the club and the other exciting campaigns that they feature!

STEP 4 – Attend a Guild Night. You can go to your first few meetings FREE. When you decide to join up just pay a small membership fee and become part of a fantastic local gaming community!



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