2014, Hurricon

Game System: Star Wars X-Wing

Format: Epic Tournament Game



With their newly acquired astromechs in hand the members of Red Squadron were eager to exact revenge for their fallen comrade “Doc” Eirriss. An opportunity came in the form of intelligence that two, small Imperial convoys were due to rendezvous in a nearby system and should be lightly guarded while they refuel and transfer cargo. Backed by the CR-90 “Lucky Dice,” tasked to provide fire support as well as exploit any salvage opportunities, the squadron dropped out of hyperspace and their sensors immediately lit up with far more contacts than they were expecting. It turns out the intelligence was only partially correct. There was definitely a meet-up, but not of lightly defended convoys. An unmarked Firespray detaches from an Lambda shuttle as the Imperial ships along with their erstwhile ally move into attack positions. “Task Force Womprat,” the mission commander transmitted from the bridge of the Lucky Dice, “readings indicate a prisoner aboard that shuttle. Destroy all escorts and do your best to disable the transport. May the Force be with you!” Warning klaxons sound on the Lucky Dice calling the crew to battle stations, s-foils lock into attack position and astromechs whir as you increase throttle towards the fight of your lives!!


Mithel sat in his cockpit and watched the blinking lights of the shuttle as it silently floated alongside the bounty hunter ship, pondering the juxtaposition of the clean lines and spotless hull of the Imperial craft with the scarred and worn plates of the civilian craft. He was still gritting his teeth over the escort assignment. One that was briefed after transferring to the orbital battle station only to re-transfer back to the Avenger to then be transferred to another transport all in the span of an hour only to be dropped off in some backwater system to babysit a “high level” prisoner transfer. According to the intelligence officer all the bouncing around was a counterintelligence measure, but it smelled more like typical military order/counter-order mynock crap. He was snapped from his reverie when his sensors chirped and showed several, unidentified craft dropping from hyperspace a few kilometers away. Mere seconds passed and the identification resolved into 6 Incom snub-fighters and a CR-90 class ship, all of which were reading power flooding into their weapons’ systems. This was quickly followed by the mission commander’s voice over the intercom, “Task Force Hurricane, assume attack formations and prepare to engage the enemy. If you care to join us, my mercenary friend, there will be a hefty bonus for your assistance.” A gravelly voice answered with a succinct “it would be my pleasure.” Bringing the fighters up to speed the Imperial ships align their formations eager to be one step closer to ridding the galaxy  of the rebel scum for good.

Squadron Lists

Rebel (http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/122071/jdl-challenge-2014—reb)

  • CR-90 (fore): Weapons Engineer, Sensor Team, 1xQuad Laser Cannon, 1xSingle Turbo Laser
  • CR-90 (aft): Engineering Team, Tibanna Gas Supplies, 1xQuad Laser Cannon
  • Wedge Antilles/X-Wing: R5-P9, Squad Leader, 1xProton Torpedoes
  • Jek Porkins/X-Wing: R5-D8, 1x Proton Torpedoes
  • Biggs Darklighter/X-Wing: R2-F2, 1x Proton Torpedoes
  • 3xRed Squadron Pilot/X-Wing: R2 Astromech

Imperial (http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/122082/jdl-challenge-recon-2014-imp)

  • Mauler Mithel/TIE Fighter: Squad Leader
  • Backstabber/TIE Fighter
  • Dark Curse/TIE Fighter
  • 6xBlack Squadron Pilot/TIE Fighter
  • Major Rhymer/TIE Bomber: 2xProton Torpedoes, Munitions Failsafe (1)
  • 2xScimitar Squadron Pilot/TIE Bomber: 2xProton Torpedoes, Munitions Failsafe
  • Colonel Jendon/Lambda-Class Shuttle: Heavy Laser Cannon, Rebel Captive, Stealth Device
  • Bounty Hunter/Firespray-31: Gunner, Stealth Device


Play Area: 3’x6′

Deployment: Per the Epic Tournament Rules.

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