Force on Force

This page is designed to share information on gaming using Ambush Alley’s Force on Force rules and it’s offshoots Tomorrow’s War and Ambush Z, which the JDL typically plays in 28-30mm. The following is a summary of the three rule books:

Force on Force

Rules and basic army lists for games set in Vietnam through Present Day (ultra-modern).

  • Various supplements/scenario books exist for several eras/wars/etc…

Tomorrow’s War

Core Force on Force rules expanded for near and far-future gaming. Includes lists for their tomorrow’s war universe.

  • By Dagger and Talon: Supplement to Tomrrow’s War with additional rules for super-soldiers, aliens, etc…

Ambush Z

(2nd edition pending) Core Force on Force rules expanded with additional rules for zombie apocalypse games supporting a variety of game formats such as military/militia units, individual survivors, small groups of survivors, etc… (i.e. games in the spirit of Walking Dead, World War Z, etc…).

Links (Rules)

Ambush Alley Official Site

Force on Force Quick Start Rules

Force on Force Player Aids

Links (Miniatures: Modern to Ultra-Modern)

Empress Miniatures

Age of Glory (US Distributor for Empress Miniatures)

Black Scorpion Miniatures

Gripping Beast Miniatures




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