Bunker Rules/FAQ

The following are the “Bunker” (i.e. “House”) rules for Force on Force and its derivatives for gaming in 28/30mm.


Untrained units: D6 – 10”
Experienced/Trained: D8 – 12”
Veteran units: D10 – 14”
Elite: D12 – 16”


*Tactical movement: 9”
*Rapid movement: 15”


*Tactical Speed: 15”
*Rapid Speed: 25”


*Tactical Speed: 15”
*Rapid Speed: 21”


Question: After the Initiative Player is done activating their teams how  does Overwatch affect reactions when the Non-Initiative player takes actions during the End Phase with teams that did not react during the normal turn?
Answer: The answer was right there, but in a totally different section of the book than the Overwatch rules. From pg. 20: “Only Overwatch units may react to a non-initiative unit that moves in the “End Phase,” So, maintaining Overwatch into the End Phase is a way for the Initiative Player to defend against maneuvering Non-Initiative player teams. Any unit that is targeted with fire or assaulted will still return fire or conduct defensive fire if applicable.

Question: Are vehicles only able to fire their main gun and one secondary weapon for a turn? Can the Main Gun only fire once?

Answer: They may only switch up the weapons between Activations and Reactions though the selected weapons can be used in every Round of Fire (i.e. with depreciating FP dice as normal).

For example, an Initiative Unit that Activates a tank declares that it will be firing the Main Gun and MG’s at a target unit. They must use those weapons against the target and ANY teams that are reacting to the action (i.e. they can’t switch to the ATGM because another vehicle is reacting).

On the flip side, a reacting tank must declare and stick with its selected weapons regardless of what units may perform Overwatch fire.

read more http://www.ambushalleygames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=8695&hilit=Vehicle+activation

Other clarifications:

-Weapon Crews: Only start with 1D per model firing the main weapon, additional crew members only add the Team Bonus only and/or may engage with their weapons). Keep in mind that Optimal Range is calculated as the shortest among the weapons firing.

For example, if a Support Weapon and rifles are both fired optimal range is based on TQ. If ONLY the Support Weapon Fires then Optimal Range is doubled.

Also, if a team splits fire then each round of fire is considered individually.

For example, if AK-47 armed models shoot at an infantry team and the RPG armed model shoots at a vehicle the RPG would double its optimal range. No, you cannot “split fire” and target the same team.

-Vehicles DO NOT benefit from the Abundant Supply bonus die.

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