Hurricon 2016: Registration Guide


Hurricon ’16 is fast approaching and all the of the sign-up links are now LIVE on the Historical Miniature Gaming Society – South (HMGS-S) website. The following is presented to provide first-time attendees a guide to getting signed up for the convention and securing a room at the International Palms Resort, Orlando.

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Step 1 – Convention Registration

First go to the HMGS-S website. From the home screen and select the “Hurricon 2016” link.


This will take you to the convention’s dedicated page which contains all the sign-up links you will need. On the left-hand side select the “Buy Now” button for “NON-MEMBER PRE-REGISTRATION”.


Follow the payment instructions presented by PayPal. Once you are complete you will get their automated receipt and you are now REGISTERED for HURRICON 2016!!!

If you run into issues or have questions then reach out to

Step 2 – Book a Room

This is, technically, optional, though it is highly recommended that attendees stay on-site for the convention. On top of getting a discounted rate and staying close to the action the resort offers many amenities for your stay as well as help with visiting local attractions in the event not everyone in your party is a gamer or you will be tacking on a few days to your stay in order to take advantage of everything Orlando has to offer.

To book a room select the “Hotel Reservation” link on the convention’s page:


This will take you to the hotel’s booking portal. !!IMPORTANT!! Make sure the Group Code was properly accepted by the portal. If not, you will see an error in the bottom of the left-hand menu:


If necessary, manually enter the code “SOUTH” and click UPDATE. When the code is accepted you will see “Group: Hurricon” and the convention details will appear on the right-hand side:


Be sure to enter the dates you will be attending (all of them, we hope) and then continue with the booking process by following the portal’s instructions.

Step 2 – Secure Some Games!

As a registered attendee you have the option of pre-registering for games ahead of time. This includes up 3  posted to the Preliminary Events Listing (PEL) as well as Pathfinder Society Role Playing Games listed on

PEL Games

The Preliminary Events Listing (PEL) will start posting on the convention page of the HMGS-S website approximately 2 months prior. Once you’ve made your selection you can enter them by clicking on the “Player Registration 2016” link:


And fill out the form:


Pathfinder Society RPG’s

The Pathfinder Society Role Playing Games are available via the convention’s site. The great news is that pre-signing up for these does NOT count against your 3 games from the PEL!!! Gotta love loopholes!!!


That’s all it takes – Register, book and play! Next up we will provide a guide to attending the convention. In the meantime, send any questions to