SW: X-Wing

Star Wars X-Wing is Fantasy Flight Games‘ miniature game of dogfights in the Star Wars Universe using the Flight Path System.


House Rules

The following rules are meant for FRIENDLY play amongst the JDL. In a tournament these rules should be ignored.

  • If a player fails to take an action when a ship is activated during the Activation Phase it is assumed they performed a Focus Action.

Damage Deck Breakdown

Total Cards: 33
Blinded Pilot x2
Console Fire x2
Damaged Cockpit x2
Damaged Engine x2
Damaged Sensor Array x2
Direct Hit x7
Injured Pilot x2
Minor Explosion x2
Minor Hull Breach x2
Munitions Failure x2
Structural Damage x2
Stunned Pilot x2
Thrust Control Fire x2
Weapon Malfunction x2

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